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We've talked about why HB 1140 is bad for farmers and agriculture. But what about the bill itself, and what if it makes it into law? Kelsea Sutton, an attorney in South Dakota, breaks it down for us.

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Join us this week as we talk with Charlie Johnson, a large-scale organic farmer here in South Dakota. The future of farming is diverse, bright - and put at risk by legislation like HB 1140.

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Dakota Rural Voices hosts Randy Grimsley, Brookings School Board member and Brookings native, to talk about HB 1008, the controversial bill that would prevent transgender students from using the facilities in school that match their gender identity. Listen in to learn more about the bill (and others) targeting the LGBT community in our great state.

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Wondering if we're further ahead on solar power in 2016? Find out in our conversation with Dennis Williams of Williams Power Systems.

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HB 1073, brought by Republican Representative Mike Verchio from Hill City, South Dakota, would have required cyclists dismount and get off the road if someone in a car wanted to pass. The bill understandably brought out the cycling community in force. Listen today as two bike activists, Michael Christensen and Jessica Andrews, as they talk about how they organized against this bill and what is next for cycling in South Dakota.

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What's the big deal about hemp? Find out with state Senator Troy Heinert and local farmer Danny Dyck as we talk with them about HB 1054, which would legalize the plant in South Dakota.

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On Tuesday, January 12, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard opened the state's 2016 legislative session with the State of the State Address. Dakota Rural Voices is here with your analysis and your FIRST podcast of the 2016 session! Don't forget to tune in LIVE to KSDJ 90.7 in Brookings every Thursday at 1pmCT, or stream it from your smartphone, tablet, or computer on the TuneIn app: http://tunein.com/radio/KSDJ-907-s35264/

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Join us today as we talk with Nancy Kirstein, Dakota Rural Action member and farmer. Nancy and her husband run the Good Earth Farm, and we spoke with her about some CAFO legislation going through in Pierre this year, and about the future of agriculture in South Dakota.

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Dakota Rural Action members Becky Leas and Gardner Gray talk about the proposed Dewey-Burdock Project, an in situ leach uranium mine proposal in the southern Black Hills of South Dakota. Why, with so many downsides, is the project still on the table?

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Today we hear from Dennis Williams of Williams Power Systems in Sioux Falls about the promises - and barriers - to small-scale electric generation in South Dakota. The Legislature will be talking about these systems this year, and Dennis geeks out a bit with us to share why these systems are so important to our energy future.

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